Biography // Exhibitions


21.06.1990        Born in Achern (GE)
2010-16            Acting in independent short film projects and theatre groups
2013-18            Study Fine Arts at Staatliche Kunstakademie Karlsruhe
                         Class of painter Tatjana Doll and Guest Professor Manfred Peckl
2012-19            Study German Literature at Albert-Ludwig-University Freiburg
SS 2017            Exchange Semester at LHÍ Reykjavík
                         Theatre and Performance Making
July 2017          Volunteer at LungA, Seyðisfjörður
WS 2017           Internship at Nýlistasafnið, The Living Art Museum, Reykjavík.
Feb-Mar 18       Artist Residency at the Westfjordresidency, Þhingeyri    

    •    Regionale 14, Freiburg (GE) 
Opening Performance
    •    “Feminist PinUps” [Working Title]
Ongoing Photgraphy Project with Artist Korona Steijke 
    •    Solo Performance, Karlsruhe/Freiburg/Berlin
Site specific dance performance
    •    Group Exhibition, Kunsthalle Karlsruhe
Performance about Melancholy
    •    “Move Imagination”, Reykjavík
Site Specific Group Performance through downtown Reykjavík 
    •    “META_Morphoses”, Reykjavík
Interdisciplinary theatre piece based on Ovid´s Metamorphoses including dance, music composition, acting, performance installation and video projections at the Performance Department of Listaháskoli Íslands
    •    “Summer Rituals”, Iceland
Art Directing and Modelling for Wioleta Ludwig, MakeUp Artist and Photographer 
    •    Music Video “Skydiving” for Visage
    •    Solo Exhibition, Reykjavík Roasters 
Analogue Photography
    •    Music Video “Rewind” for Noie
    •    “Patterns of Fragility”, Karlsruhe (GE)
4 video works with compositions by Francesco Fabris at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe    
    •    Group Exhibition at LungA, Isafjörður 
Installation and Performance
    •    ActAlone Festival, Suðureyri
Video Presentation
    •    Exhibition in Husið, Patrekjsförður
Analogue Photography
    •    Mengi, Reykjavík 
Collaborative Performance with composer Sunna Friðjons
    •    Interactive Installation with Raphael Alexandre, Reykjavík
    •    Performance, Switzerland and Germany
Interdisciplinary music/art project with various artists
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