My aim is to create an art experience rather than a point of view. I want to create an art world that can be sensed by the recipients. 
I research how we live in our own construct of reality. How we - often subconsciously - choose what we see and feel and how we can use this knowledge, once brought up to the surface, to transform it consciously. I create atmospheric realms -„Stimmungswelten“ - for the recipients to enter and experience so they can reflect on their worlds and create a metamorphosis of their surrounding and subjective view. 
Atmosphere is a variable concept. To me it is a possibility to surround yourself with art. Intuitively enhancing creativity, inspiration and intuition. No need to understand. Enable to sense, wish and explore your own way of thinking.
As a trained painter, I see my work in video and photography as more than the simple capture of a moment on film: I exceed borders of clear reality to a parallel world of colour, shapes and textures. Through layering and multiple exposure I deconstruct my apparent surrounding and combine it anew to explore the relationship between landscape, the human body and society.
When looking through a camera (digital or analog) I see a parallel universe, a world that we can construct ourselves. With the aid of my 1946 analog camera, I manage to capture the simple magic of existence and the eeriness of memory through my very own colorful lens. I have gathered nature, people and their creations into my universe for you to consider, together or apart. Working through—and beyond—the limitations of my equipment, I use double exposure, motion blur and color at my advantage to turn my world into that of a modern fairy tale.
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