EQUILIBRIUM – Ceremonial Cacao Dieta

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EQUILIBRIUM Ceremonial Cacao Dieta

13 days of guided plant medicine immersion to for shadow work and creative expansion

Daily Intake of ceremonial Cacao with Knowledge, Practices and guidance will help you to build an authentic, rich and deep connection with the Cacao Plant & a lived and integrated relationship with her Spirit.

What is a Cacao Dieta?

A plant dieta (Spanish for diet) is an essential initiation process for everyone wanting to work with plant medicine. Cacao is not a psychedelic master plant teacher like ayahuasca or wachuma and therefore there are no strict or traditional requirements for a specific Cacao Dieta – however a Dieta consist of a few basic understandings:

  1. You commit to ingesting the given plant daily for a period of time from 8 days up to several months (I chose 13 days for this offering as it is suitable for the lives we lead without needing to take breaks or go deep within the jungle to still keep our focus on the endeavour) with a personal intention of CONNECTION TO THE PLANT SPIRIT.
  2. A Dieta has a formal opening and closing in the form of ceremonies, in which the Spirit of the Plant is invited and thanked and the Intention is presented – as well as to establish sacred space. This is important to mark this time as a special phase of initiation into the plant mysteries and become aware of everything that is happening during the Dieta. You are asked to commune daily with the Plant Spirit and take note of what is happening in your life beyond the rituals.
  3. This usually involves a restricted food diet in order to attune your body to the plant in question without other plants interfering too much. These restrictions may vary depending on your diet and can be adjusted to your lifestyle and commitment choices. Most often you will be asked to renounce alcohol, coffee, nicotine, mind altering substances, (processed) sugar, dairy or animal products and even sexual stimulation (with yourself or a partner). These are however guidelines and usually more important when working with a master plant teacher, Cacao as I know her Spirit is way more flexible and only wants you to restrict yourself if it is your intention to practice discipline. You will set your own commitments during our opening ceremony.


  • November 2024
Why is it beneficial to build a relationship with Cacao?
The spell of our modern society has us relying on external sources and neglecting our own intuition, forgetting our own magic and has us constantly distracted from our power.
Cacao comes from the rainforest to establish harmony between humans and nature by reminding us that we are already exactly that: nature.
And being nature means being creation and creator, it means to grow and thrive, to collaborate and shine in uniqueness.
Nature is complete in itself and teaches us that dark and light can live in accordance with each other, soft moss and hard stone belong together, plants can be healing and poisonous.
So do we have our beautiful and ugly sides to us and Cacao is THE support to find acceptance and even bliss in this process of awareness, of embracing the diversity of our nature whilst helping us establish a path that suits our individual journey.
Cacao wants us to discover the magic in our reality with joyful eyes, fully consciously present and rooted in this world, not needing to escape. Cacao reminds us of the value to be born as humans in relationship with plants and creatures of this earth and she wants us to honour this life instead of trying to escape from it like we so often do – either by the misconception of “ascending” out of this reality into “Higher Realms”, distracting us with video games, movies or social media, taking recreational drugs for those huge kicks (and big come downs) or numbing ourselves down to endure life´s challenges.
Cacao helps us to feel, understand and heal what we are trying to suppress in order for us to create a life that WE want to live!


Why is the Cacao Dieta called “EQUILIBRIUM”?

Not only will it be held during the Equinox Portal – when the days and nights are of equal duration – the Cacao Dieta is focusing on two seemingly polar/contradicting themes: Shadow Work & Creative Expansion.

I believe we can´t ascend without descent. We can´t rise without rooting. Therefor, we dance the flow of life. Upstream and downstream, left and right, out of balance and into centre.

Indulging in the past and anticipating future to find PRESENCE IN THE PRESENT.

EQUILIBRIUM : As within so without. GIVING AND RECEIVING. Ecstasy and Stillness.

Grounded inner work, emotional processing, shadow integration +AND+
Opening new perceptions, joyful expression and creative expansion

This is what the Cacao Dieta is about, finding balance within by accepting the polarities of nature and – simply put: of BEING HUMAN. We have the tendencies to reach too far in one direction and often bounce back into the other extreme. This can look like dissociation or heady escape of the body on the one hand, or intense emotional downward spirals and trauma loops on the other.

With this Dieta I aim to guide you into a confident and calm space from which you can explore your shadows and inner child work with one or two specific topics, just enough to go deep and pull yourself up again to release. And then to expand in your contraction, open up to the Unknown and creative potential that awaits when we let go of expectations and mind control.

What does the Equilibrium Cacao Dieta consist of?

  • 13 days of intaking Cacao, 2 days of preparation and cacao study
  • A 454g block of Keith´s Cacao to enjoy the best, original ceremonial grade Cacao from Guatemala for fifteen 30g portions to IN-joy and play with (you can drink less of course, it is up to you to decide your daily dosages).
  • Plenty of information about the Cacao Plant, its origin, history and usage, spiced with some nutritional and scientific insight.
  • Recipes and different preparation instructions to experiment with throughout the Dieta.
  • SHADOW WORK & CREATIVE EXPANSION : daily Cacao invocations, transmissions, rituals, meditations and reflection assignments
  • A group chat to engage and exchange and for accountability
  • AND most importantly: Integration Ideas and Accountability to integrate Cacaos teachings into your day-to-day! You will not keep them caged in your daily rituals but take them out into your world!


£ 250 with a block of Keith´s Cacao

£ 144 for Funding Members on my substack (on which you will receive additional lessons and a second Dieta in November) – without a block of Keith´s Cacao
Become a Funding Member here.

FREE for all that sign up to my Cacao Training THE MAGIC OF CACAO


Message me directly or email to kakaozauber@gmail.com if you have further questions or would like to ask for payment plan options.

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Born and raised in South Germany, Laura lived in Iceland during her visual arts studies where she met ceremonial cacao in 2017.
She graduated as a literature, language and visual art teacher yet uses her teaching skills outside the school system to empower others in following their hearts.
She started holding cacao ceremonies and guiding meditations in 2018 and founded her heart led business Kakaozauber to bring more magic and connection to her world.
“Cacao sorcery” is the direct translation of „kakaozauber“ and stands for the alchemy we can create by re-membering the power of our own intuition, the wisdom of our hearts and the love for sacred chocolate.

As a Cacao Priestess Laura offers initiation ceremonies (such as weddings, blessing ways, birthdays, funerals) and infuses her cacao rituals with the myths of Avalon, explores shamanic drum journeys and weaves her story telling into her ceremonies.
Laura lives in Glastonbury, UK after spending the first lockdown 2020 down the road from Keith & Barbara in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala

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