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Cacao Ceremony & Sound Journey at the Sacred Springs of Glastonbury

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JOINING ROOTS Ceremonial Cacao Dieta

15 days of plant medicine teachings to EMBODY LOVE

Daily Intake of ceremonial Cacao with Knowledge, Practices and guidance from an experienced Cacao Facilitator will help you to build an authentic, rich and deep connection with the Cacao Plant & a lived and integrated relationship with her Spirit. 

Embody Cacaos Teachings to change your world – and through your inner growth also that of those around you. Be the change you want to see in the world and have Cacao and myself by your side as you walk your way to more bliss, pleasure and satisfaction. 
BRING ON YOUR MAGIC because it is needed!

I will be offering a guided Cacao Dieta, called JOINING ROOTS to facilitate your connection with the Cacao Spirit and hold you accountable to integrate and embody her heart medicine!


Join me for a 11-day devotion with or without cacao - you will receive written research, a cacao invocation, video recordings of the daily 11-15 minute practices, rituals and visualisations as well as full cacao ceremony.
You will learn and experience what Intuition truly is, what is has to do with our conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds and how to differentiate it from thoughts, emotions and instinct.

Every day I will guide you into a practice, mediation to explore your intuitive feeling and make space for your inner voice to be heard.

You can join no matter if you have a specific question or wish to ignite your intuition - and as a way to introduce a daily ritual to your personal practice and explore the wondrous workings of ceremonial CACAO.

Ceremony Recordings

IMBOLC INTUITION - With Imbolc we celebrate the turning of the new year cycle and the nature´s first signs of spring. Emerging out of our winter caves we might need to ignite our fire in order to present our creations to the world and I am passionate about stepping out of the dark cold days with the right foot. Hence why this ceremony honour our innate Intuition and guides us to our INsight, in order to align head, heart and emotions. Because it is time to discern between the three and let them rule together!

GPB 22, approximately 1.5h

FREE for the Cacao Cauldron Membership! Enter the Cauldron and get access to the membership and the magical Cacao and Ceremony Library here.

JOURNEY TO AVALON OF THE HEART | Cacao Ceremony with Laura

Embark on a special (inner) journey with Laura and ceremonial Cacao! The heart medicine Cacao stimulates our heart, soothes our mind and prepares our soul to receive and to engage in new experiences. Maybe you have traveled to Avalon yourself, in a dream, during a shamanic trance or immersed in books and films about this mystical island of healing and transformation, this otherworld of magical women, this place that touches our hearts deeply and the love of the goddess resurrected. Or you might have never heard about this sacred isle but have a sense of knowing, goosebumps or curiosity when you see the words or are drawn to explore a spiritual tradition from the western shores instead of reaching far out towards the East or other continents. Either way, you are welcome!

Based in Glastonbury, England, I no longer only read about King Arthur and the Priestesses of Avalon, I also journey through the Mists of Avalon physically, emotionally and mentally. And I want to take you with me, because when our hearts are open and receptive (thank you, Cacao!) we can dive into this magical realm from anywhere, which can give us a sense of arrival, acceptance and (often unexpected) passions, inspiration and desires awaken and dreams will be fullfilled.

In this Cacao ceremony we will greet and honour Cacao together – and I will explain why this sacred plant is deeply related to the Celtic Avalon for me – then we connect with each other and embark on an inner journey in the form of a guided meditation followed by an optional sharing circle for integration.

The Faery Accord

 In this cacao ceremony I will tell you a long lost story which is very dear to my heart and a special activation. The so called Faery Accord is a prequel to the Arthurian Legends but has much more to offer than inspiration and warning. 

It is a myth that is as real as the myth of Cacao: 

When the balance of humans and nature is threatened, Cacao comes out of the rainforest to restore harmony 

Together with Cacao we have to take responsibility and find our gifts and medicines to bring forth in this world. And that is what we will activate together in ceremony.

Thank you for celebrating this ceremony with me – because with joy and responsibility we can do our part to restore the Faery Accord and take our place at the Round Table – like Arthur´s Knights coming together to retrieve the Holy Grail.

In this ceremony I explain what the Faery Accord is, how it was broken and why it is our responsibility to mend it  – together with ceremonial Cacao and the genuine Magic of our Hearts!

Beltane Full Moon Eclipse Ceremony

Purchase the guided ceremony or join the CACAO CAULDRON to access the Recording of this special event and replenishing journey into the enchanted forest of your heart! You can repeat this ceremony anytime you feel overwhelmed, need assistance with a transformative process or want to embark on a magical journey into your subconscious.

The Lunar Eclipse of May 2022 features the Moon conjunct the South Node. This means it’s a releasing eclipse: we are encouraged to let go of whatever is no longer serving us. Eclipses can also bring sudden changes and it can be challenging to face them but with trust, surrender and a flexible perspective you will soon see that it is all happening for you and not to you.

This cacao ceremony will work with the energy of release and transformation. To embrace the unexpected and surrender to life´s wondrous ways.

Ceridwen´s Cauldron of Rebirth & Transformation Ceremony

Journey with Cacao, welsh sorceress Ceridwen and myself into the mysteries of the cauldron, and transform in the cave of creation. We turn our backs towards the past, make peace with what was to embrace the path that lies ahead – even if we can´t see it clearly yet.

Are you ready to shapeshift into who you are becoming?

FREE for the Cacao Cauldron Membership! (Find it in the Content Library: June 2022). Enter the Cacao Cauldron and get access to the membership and the magical Cacao and Ceremony Library here.

INTENTION & INTEGRATION New Moon Rainbow Cacao Ceremony

Cacao as rainbow medicine:

We open our heart for inner shadow parts and integrating tolerance.

(this ceremony is suitable for every new moon or new cycle as well as times when you long to integrate and face unwanted parts of yourself or deal with triggers)

This ceremony honours the fertile new moon energy and the Maya goddess IxChel, who is associated with CACAO, the moon, creativity, the rainbow, rain and fertile waters as well as the powerful jaguar.

We explore Cacao and surrender into our New (Moon) Intention. 

What cycle is ending and what new beginnings lie ahead? Are you ready to accept all your true colours to start with full power into the next chapter of your life?



In this Class I cover:

*Cacao Connection & Gratitude

*Integral Practices and Reflection for Accountability

*My personal Intention about sharing ceremonial cacao

*CEREMONY VS. CIRCLE how to honour sacred space and discern it from other cacao offerings

*Essential skills for holding sacred space

*Supporting participants in their processes

*Physical effects during and after cacao

*Cacao dosage during pregnancy

£55 – you have instant access: the video link will be shown in the confirmation page