in the heart of avalon



Glastonbury Retreat | 27-31/10/24 | Healing Waters Sanctuary 

A sacred pilgrimage to the Lands of Myth and Magic to come home to yourself

Unlock your Inner Healing Potential through the inner alchemy and sovereign magic of the heart.

HEALING WATERS SANCTUARY at Wear All Hill, the sacred site of the Faery Queen and initiation place of priestesses – with private meditation room, terrace and Tor View

RESIDENTIAL RETREAT October 27th-31st 2024: Immerse yourself in the lands that are real life portals and energy centres of Avalon. Here you will further learn about the Druidic Church, the fusion of Goddess Culture and Christ Consciousness and the Rose Lineage.

INCLUDED ARE TWO ONLINE MEETINGS BEFORE AND AFTER THE RETREAT to prepare and learn to set a clear intention and to integrate.

Abundant (Pay it forward): £1700 

Regular Payment: £1170 

Instalment Option: 3x £444

Low Income Price: £888 
Low Income Instalment Option: 3x £333  



Accompany your Retreat with a one year training and dive in immediately!

Experience the seasons and unlock natures wisdom for your personal practice, discover the worlds of priestesses, goddess faith Arthurian legends, Celtic Mythology and practical rituals for personal development. Strengthen your relationship with yourself and partake in powerful ceremonies activating your sovereignty!


Many are being called to the sacred island of healing and restoration.

Many bring others with them and step into leading roles, follow the priestess path or that of a shamanic practitioner.

Yet not many know the real meaning of Avalon, not only the word, but its origin. Not only the new age surface but the ancient traditions. Not only the one sided perspective but the all encompassing multi-facetted truth.

Did you know that the women in Arthurian legends originate as goddesses of sovereignty?

And that the initiation into sovereignty starts at the shore to the island of Avalon?

And that the sovereignty goddesses are masters in challenging only the most worthy knights?

You are being called to anchor Avalon and your sovereignty into reality. Not give up reality by chasing a Fata Morgana (pun intended, for my fellow priestesses).

This is not (only) a priestess training but a deep dive for those already on the path of service, for facilitators and individuals with deep personal devotion or the longing to cultivate a life in radical self honesty and transformation.

What is at the Heart of Avalon? And what connects Avalon with our Heart and that of the Earth?Avalon is calling forth many into devotion in various ways and from various worlds:

History, Literature, Mythology, Spirituality… And as a Priestess of Avalon my passion is to illuminate pathways into her worlds, so that you, too will find your individual quest and embark on it with courage, inspiration and love.

welcome to avalon