The Magic of Cacao

Bring Magic into your life and discover how pure chocolate can enchant your heart

Private Rituals & 1:1

Monthly Membership

Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao Facilitator Training











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£ 13

per month

Monthly subscription for the individual cacao voyageur

> A monthly recipe inspiration and instruction

> A monthly guided meditation

> Inspirational tasks

Cacao Cauldron

£ 33

per month

Monthly membership to create a collective cacao community 

Access to the Cacao Cocoon


> A monthly live ceremony

> Discord Group to connect and collaborate

> Monthly themes, topics and tasks to work with cacao and yourself

The Magic of Cacao

Facilitator training

£ 660

for 1 year

One Year Training for the Cacao Magicians

> Monthly live teaching sessions

> Discord Group to connect, ask questions, exchange and receive personal support 

> pdf and recordings about history, science and effects of cacao

> Reflection Tasks, self-study and ceremony practice to embody the Magic of Cacao and gain confidence in authentically leading from your heart and sharing caca