Ceremonial Cacao

Theobroma Cacao is a tree native to South and Central America. 
After the Colonisation of the “New World” by the Spaniards Cacao became a trading gem and was in high demands especially after the invention of chocolate. This led to slave labour and transfer of the Cacao plant to new locations such as India, Africa, etc. 
I have found Cacao from Guatemala to be the most beneficial for ceremonial purposes and feel the connection to the Spirit of Cacao stronger than with Cacao from non-native lands such as Dominican Republic, however there is a big Cacao community in Bali that swears by its Cacao (I myself find it deliciously fruity but very soft and almost too gentle in effect).


Cacao from Ecuador and Mexico in my experience is very stimulating and might be more suitable for Ecstatic Dances and physical offerings combined with Cacao. Cacao from Peru can be particularly sour (due to the different cacao species and processing methods, most likely). Cacao from Bali is very soft and subtle, yet can enchant with floral flavours.  

I have tried (and continue to try) numerous different Cacaos from Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Belize, Ecuador, Bali and Dominican Republic and several different sources from each of those countries. And I have yet to find a source that is as beneficial for inner work than Keith´s Cacao is.

Keith´s Cacao is tested and has by far the lowest content of caffeine (1,09mg/g which is hardly anything compared to other brands who are almost as jittery as a cup of coffee) and the highest amount of theobromine (46,8mg/g) and therefore makes it my favourite ally to travel deep within. My nervous-system can regulate, my heart can open and my mind expands. It is the most soothing and profound ceremonial Cacao I have been able to try since 2017 and immediately feel the loving blessings from Keith and his sweetheart Barbara infuse my space when I receive a delivery.

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Cacao Storage

Cacao lasts for YEARS if it is stored in a cool and dry place. 

Store your Cacao in a dark cupboard or a glass jar. 

Don´t store in the fridge or freezer – the humidity can cause mould and the extra cold is not needed. Even if you are in a hot country and your block of Cacao slightly melts, you can simply put it in the shade and it will harden again, leaving it even smoother than before.

BLOOM – a natural occurrence of the separation from Cacao fats and solids. 

These beautiful swirly patterns and crumbly textures are very common and a high quality sign for ceremonial Cacao as it tells you that the Cacao has been only minimally processed and therefore separates easily. (Which is particularly great when you prepare Cacao for a big group as it is not as hard to chop the hard blocks!)

When you use a minimally processed pure cacao (which is completely different from supermarket quality and even from pure cacao found in health food stores and the only way to truly work with the Spirit of Cacao) you will soon notice funky patterns appearing in your cacao block. They can look like swirls, powdery lines or can even be fully crumbly parts.
Not to be confused with mould, these white grainy textures are tiny crystals of fat extruding from the surface – basically the separation of the cacao butter from the cacao solids: a naturally occurring process when you don´t repeatedly heat and temper the ground cacao beans. 
When you encounter a particularly hard and shiny block of Cacao or small disks that melt in your mouth and make a smooth drink without much stirring you most likely have a source that has used more processing, repeated heating, tempering and industrial machines – which is not necessarily wrong yet will slightly alter the energetics and can even lead to less nutritious benefits and closer resemble conventional dark chocolate rather than ceremonial Cacao.

Cacao Preparation

Follow my instructions for a frothy cup of ceremonial Cacao or watch the video to discover various ways to create a ceremonial drink – on the go or at home.