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Everything will be recorded and you have unlimited access after the yearlong immersion comes to a close. The residential retreat in Glastonbury is included.

AVALON • The Eternal Isle of the Heart

What is at the Heart of Avalon? And what connects Avalon with our Heart and that of the Earth?

Avalon is calling forth many into devotion in various ways and from various worlds:

History, Literature, Mythology, Spirituality… And as a Priestess of Avalon my passion is to illuminate pathways into her worlds, so that you, too will find your individual quest and embark on it with courage, inspiration and love.

Learn the Faery Accord, its meaning and ways to restore it, alongside the Grail Mysteries and how they are relevant today. Discover who King Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot truly were and which stories they have to tell us today.

Be guided by Morgan Le Fey across the waters to the Healing Island of Avalon and witness her shapeshift from Queen, Priestess and Sorceress to awaken these archetypes within you.

It all starts with a dying king …

Arthur himself, our renowned King, was mortally wounded and was carried off to the Isle of Avalon, so that his wounds might be attended to. 

Geoffrey of Monmouth, The History of the Kings of Britain

9 priestesses lived on the ancient isle of Avalon, also known as the fortunate island.

Morgan, the most skilled in magic and the healing arts took the famous King with her, to tend to his wounds. Some say he died. Others wait until he is reborn. But we are not merely waiting, we are remembering our responsibility in the cause of time to heal our own wounds, step into sovereignty and take responsibility to live a fullfilled life.

We are anchoring Avalon into our world.

PART OF THIS COURSE IS AN IN-PERSON RETREAT IN GLASTONBURY NEXT YEAR: To immerse in the lands of dragon lines and real life portals to Avalon. Equipped with knowledge, research and embodied experience of Avalon, we will visit the sacred sites together to pray, feel, explore and receive messages, insights and leave our own trace on the traditional pilgrimage grounds.

We will perform rituals for inner alchemy and apply the Avalonian Cycle of Healing after Jhenah Telyndru.



As within so without, cycle of year, quarter and third of a year, monthly and moon cycles

Each month consists of:
– a recorded lesson about Avalonian Tradition, Culture and Priestess Path
– a story of corresponding guide or goddess of the season
– a lesson of the seasonal festival and/or practical tasks for the inner work
– a magical symbol or otherworldly portal/entry way
– 7 online ceremonies and 1 IN PERSON RETREAT during the seasonal celebrations
plus further research material, study recommendations, moon cycle and plant insights
All on an online course platform and an additional group chat for personal exchange, updates, gatherings.


The first four months (nov/dec/jan/feb) we will be journeying through the Realm of the Sea, the past, the collective unconscious on the outside through story, literature and mythology. On the inside , within, we will dive into our personal subconscious and do shadow work, explore our past and why we are drawn to the isle of Avalon.

We learn what Avalon is, means and who is connected with the sacred isle.

This intersects with the first quarter of our Celtic Wheel of The Year (Nov/dec/jan) which we explore as the season of the Cailleach, the Celtic creation goddess and the archetype of the hag – or in Arthurian literature known as the loathly lady. She is the one we need to learn to love, honour and respect in order for her to transform our lives and bestow sovereignty on us – again as within so without, we invite our ugliest and most feared parts to surface. Because only then are we tending to the harsh wintery soil and prepare the seeds to grow for the next season to begin.


From the depth of winter spring emerges and we are integrating our lessons into our daily lives to see them sprout as nature is born anew.

The coming four months (march/apr/mai/june) are the Realm of the Land, our present life, our conscious, in which we get to establish a personal practice, and move from inner work such as meditation to practical tasks and eventually conscious connection to the Otherworld and fae realm through the portals in nature.

This is also the start of the second quarter of the year (feb/mar/apr) which we explore as the Season of Brigid, with Flower Goddesses, may queens and the archetype of the maiden – the beautiful metamorphosis from loathly lady to lady sovereignty.


Our last four months together (/july/aug/sept/oct) we will be journeying the Realm of the Sky, the future limitless potential, our superconscious and becoming self. We end with an initiation and an in-person cocreated retreat end October/beginnng November through the Samhain portal before the Wheel turns again.

Here we transition from the Season of the Lady of the Lake to the Season of Rhiannon, from Enchantress to Mother. Before the Wheel turns once again and we have yet to find out what will be our next journey…

This is where our individual GRAIL QUEST will start, where we learn about facilitation and spiritual service whilst becoming the vessel, the grail, the channel, the priestess, the queen ourselves.

This is where we are called to action, restoring the Faery Accord and being of service to the world – be it in public facilitation roles or in our own family, environment and small circles


Everything will be recorded and you have unlimited access after the yearlong immersion comes to a close. The residential retreat in Glastonbury is included.

£3300: https://buy.stripe.com/aEU14Afq6cYkbL201s

INSTALMENT PAYMENT possible: 3x £1111 please get in touch for this option. Email kakaozauber@gmail.com

Please let me know what payment option works best for you and I will arrange a plan according to your means.


Immerse yourself in the lands that are real life portals and energy centres of Avalon. Here you will learn about Celtic Christianity and the Druidic Church, the fusion of Goddess Culture and Christ Consciousness, and experience the tangible reference for the land and its magic!

You will have a private bedroom in the Healing Waters Sanctuary at Wearyall Hill, the sacred site of the Faery Queen and initiation place of priestesses – with private meditation room, terrace and Tor View. Breakfast & Dinners included.


In Glastonbury this mystical place called Ynys Affalon found its earthly home. For centuries people have pilgrimed here, to pay homage to the famous grave of King Arthur and his Queen Guinevere. Others have come to lay their weary hands down in prayer next to the holy thorn tree, supposedly planted by Joseph of Arimethea. And today bus loads of women, dressed in priestess robes, walk the streets to trace back Mary Magdalene.

Glastonbury is also the place where the polarities meet. It is the crossroads of duality, of feminine and masculine, red and white, humans and fae. Even though Avalon is an otherworldly island that can be accessed in many places, and reached only through the gateway of the courageous heart, there are portals to be found here in the South West of England, the summer country and former swamp lands, now planted with cider apples.

Glastonbury certainly has charming aspects, if so with a Harry Potter Dress up flair. It´s certainly not subtle. Yet the true Avalonian Magic moves in invisible iridescent wafts through the streets and particularly through the sacred springs. Once they were united, alchemised but a wall has been erected and a road built and the sacred streams of Glastonbury are separated.

Wanna get to know me, and what drives me to do this work?

And what I am up to in my personal life as a new mom, a cacao ceremonialist and inner work devotee?

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You will receive recordings of all video lessons and seasonal ceremonies of every month. Should you choose to join after the official start date, you can catch up easily in your own time and choose your own study topics according to your personal relevance.


CHAPTER 0 At the Shore to Avalon

History, Mythology, Etymology and First Arthurian Story with Study Session about Sovereignty

What is AVALON?

YNYS AFALLON | Island of Apples [etymology]

Reclaiming Sovereignty

CHAPTER 1 Calling the Barge

Symbolism and meaning of INITIATION, Guidance from Morgan Le Fey, her primary role as healing sorceress, Otherworldly Story of the Season 

Preparing to cross the waters

Morgan Le Fey

Morgan as Healer

Herb of the Healer: YARROW

Nature´s Descent

Opening Ceremony and personal Inititation

CHAPTER 2 The journey to our true core

Winter crone goddess Cailleach, Shadow Work with the Morrígan and perform a ceremony with Morgan as a Death Doula

In the depth of the night, the goddesses awakes

Shadow Work with Irish goddess Morrígan

A ceremony of endings with Morgan as Death Doula

CHAPTER 3 Through the Mists

Mother of Sorceresses Cerridwen and transformative Magic, jungian archetypes and the collective (un)consciousness

Cerridwen and Morgan as Initiators

The Three Rays of AWEN

The three Realms

Realm of the Sea

Cerridwen and her Magic of Transformation

Herb of the Sorceress: Mugwort

CHAPTER 4 The Hunt for the White Hart

Arthurian Literature and its mysteries revealed, winter magic and sacred rituals for the liminal time between the years

The Arthurian legends and its magical women (From Matrilineage to patrilineage and the development of characters)

Winter Solstice and Rebirth of the Sun King

The Quest for the White Hart

Winter Dreaming – The Sacred Nights


LESSON: Annwfyn, Mythology, Y Mabinogi
GOD/DESS or GUIDE::Ceridwen
SYMBOL: Cauldron of Transformation
WITHIN: slowness, surrender, stillness

LESSON: Intention and Integration
SYMBOL: Swan, birch
WITHIN: yew and dragons

LESSON: Unlocking our own potential
PLUS Methodology of Ritual
GOD/DESS or GUIDE: Eostre, Blodeuwedd
SYMBOL: key & doorway
WITHIN: Devotion and Dedication, Challenges and Triggers
STORY: Gawain & the Green Knight

LESSON: Otherworldly Castles and Thresholds of Liminality
PLUS: Modern priestess practices, sisterhood & The Ninefold Path
GOD/DESS or GUIDE: Creiddylad, Gwynn ap Nudd (the Faery King)
SYMBOL: ravens, castles of the otherworld
WITHIN: Faery King and Queen

LESSON: The Great Rite, Faery, Life Force
GOD/DESS or GUIDE: Blanchefleur and Perceval
SYMBOL: spiral, harp, trees

LESSON: The Elucidation, Restoring the Faery Accord
GOD/DESS or GUIDE: Lady of the Lake, Nimue
SYMBOL: Sacred Springs, Wishing Wells and Holy Cups
FESTIVAL: Summer Solstice

LESSON: Quest for your Holy Grail, become the vessel for your own sovereignty
PLUS: Deconditioning from the Mists of Avalon
GOD/DESS or GUIDE: Arianrhod, Medb, Branwen
SYMBOL: Branch, rod
WITHIN: presence, healing

LESSON: The Awen, Facilitation as an expression of sacred service (opening/closing space)
GOD/DESS or GUIDE: Rhiannon, Lugh/Ethniu, Taliesin
SYMBOL: vesicle pisces, awen
FESTIVAL: Lammas/Lughnasadh

LESSON: Pentagram, the Avalonian Cycle of Healing, the center of facilitation
GOD/DESS or GUIDE: Grail Maiden
SYMBOL: apple, grail
FESTIVAL: Mabon, harvest (within and without)


GLASTONBURY IN PERSON RETREAT at Healing Waters Sanctuary: 27th-31st of October 2024

  • daily ceremonies, rituals and inner alchemy
  • Wearyall Hill: INITIATION
  • Glastonbury Tor
  • Sacred Sources: The Red Spring & The White Spring
  • Myth and Legend: The Holy Thorn, Joseph of Arimathea and Mary Magdalene
  • Glastonbury Tor, Gwynn ap Nudd the Faery King
  • Chalice Hill, Chalice Well & The Red Spring, The White Spring
  • Abbey, The Black Spring, St.Margaret´s Chapel
  • Wearyall Hill, The Holy Thorn, Joseph of Arimathea and Mary Magdalene
  • lots of rituals, inner alchemy and daily cacao ceremonies

*please note everything is subject to change as we work organically and in accordance with nature, our own, the unfolding of a group container and the unravelling of a mystical journey into the unknown, guided by spirit

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Born and raised in South Germany, Laura lived in Iceland during her visual arts studies where she met ceremonial cacao in 2017.
She graduated as a literature, language and visual art teacher yet uses her teaching skills outside the school system to empower others in following their hearts.
She started holding cacao ceremonies and guiding meditations in 2018 and founded her heart led business Kakaozauber to bring more magic and connection to her world.
“Cacao sorcery” is the direct translation of „kakaozauber“ and stands for the alchemy we can create by re-membering the power of our own intuition, the wisdom of our hearts and the love for sacred chocolate.

As a Cacao Priestess Laura offers initiation ceremonies (such as weddings, blessing ways, birthdays, funerals) and infuses her cacao rituals with the myths of Avalon, explores shamanic drum journeys and weaves her story telling into her ceremonies.
Laura lives in Glastonbury, UK after spending the first lockdown 2020 down the road from Keith & Barbara in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala