HeART Medicine

How pure chocolate enchants me

Cacao enhanced my life with colourful possibilities, enriched my soul with long forgotten wisdom and fuelled my heart with a fire of love burning bright and warm!

I believe it is crucial to connect with your heart, to open up to your inner voice & the knowledge your body holds for you. 

Yet so often we loose this connection, don’t know how or what to listen to.

This is why I am sharing my path with all of you. 

To let you know that an open heart is not just a lovey-dovey term used by the “light and love only” spiritual community.

It is often times hard work and requires courage. And by courage I don’t mean the Braveheart warrior kind of courage! I mean being vulnerable. 

Shedding tears in front of others, holding yourself on lonely nights, feeling the pain, the restrictions, the blocks, the fears. 

This, my friend, is courage. 

And no: it will not all just go away when you participate in a Cacao ceremony or drink a cup every day. BUT ceremonial cacao will open the door and shine a light on the path to your heart.

The spirit of cacao doesn’t teach you it’s ways or force upon you any perceptions.

Cacao will guide you to your connection with yourself but you have to take the steps yourself on your path.

Sometimes Mama Cacao brings us what we want (joy, excitement, trust) & when we are ready she cracks our hearts open, and allows long buried emotions to come up.

Rest assured she will bring you what you need and will present your lesson with love and creativity to support you through the darkest nights and greyest days.

This doesn’t mean that you have to live in joy and love all the time!

Especially if there are parts of you that don’t feel good, don’t feel worthy of love or don’t believe it’s possible.

Authenticity is embracing all these aspects and welcoming them to the surface with curiosity and compassion. 


Cacao is not a painkiller, it is heart medicine


A magic potion that gets activated when you stir in your honest intention, surrender and integrity.

This world needs HeARTists and brave (vulnerable) hearts! 

It’s my honour to help you step on your path!


What Cacao I use and where to get it:

Keith´s Cacao comes from the rainforests in GUATEMALA, the origin of the highest valued and most precious species of Cacao: Criollo. Not only harder to peel and process but also to sustain as it is the most fragile of Theobroma Cacao varieties, it is also stronger connected with the land, less interfered with and cross-bred by humans and therefore contains more of the energetic properties, which helps us to drop deep into our heart, re-connect to nature and find magic – as within so without!

I have tried (and continue to try) numerous different Cacaos from Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Belize, Ecuador, Bali and Dominican Republic and several different sources from each of those countries. And I have yet to find a source that is as beneficial for inner work than Keith´s Cacao is. It is tested and has by far the lowest content of caffeine (1,09mg/g which is hardly anything compared to other brands who are almost as jittery as a cup of coffee) and the highest amount of theobromine (46,8mg/g) which stimulates the heart instead of our nervous-system and provides a longer lasting focus as well as gentle physical activation while keeping the body grounded and relaxed – the perfect partner for meditation, inner (child) work, creativity and athletic performance. 

You can use my discount code KAKAOZAUBER19DE21 on www.keithscacao.com with which you get a percentage off your first order and also support me continuously which I am really grateful for! 


I am not partnered with Keith´s Cacao to make money, I actually am convinced that this is the ultimate best and highest vibrational Cacao on the market sourced, processed and distributed with incredible knowledge and respect for the local farmers and workers while in touch with the Spirit of Cacao and its best way to contain all nutrients and health benefits. As I use Keith´s Cacao exclusively in ceremony I have an affiliate link through which you can purchase (or simply enter the code above at checkout) that supports me with a small percentage of your purchase which currently pays for my personal intake of Cacao and makes it possible that I can continue to expand my connection with this incredible plant!


Born and raised in South Germany, Laura lived in Iceland during her visual arts studies where she met ceremonial cacao in 2017. She graduated as a literature, language and visual art teacher yet uses her teaching skills outside the school system to empower others in following their hearts. She started holding cacao ceremonies and guiding meditations in 2018 and founded her heart led business Kakaozauber to bring more magic and connection to her world. “Cacao sorcery” is the direct translation of „kakaozauber“ and stands for the alchemy we can create by re-membering the power of our own intuition, the wisdom of our hearts and the love for sacred chocolate. As a Cacao Priestess Laura offers initiation ceremonies (such as weddings, blessing ways, birthdays, funerals) and infuses her cacao rituals with the myths of Avalon, explores shamanic drum journeys and weaves her story telling into her ceremonies. Laura lives in Glastonbury, UK after spending the first lockdown 2020 down the road from Keith & Barbara in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala

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