Cacao Connection

Why is it beneficial to build a relationship with Cacao?
The spell of our modern society has us relying on external sources and neglecting our own intuition, forgetting our own magic and has us constantly distracted from our power.
Cacao comes from the rainforest to establish harmony between humans and nature by reminding us that we are already exactly that: nature. 
And being nature means being creation and creator, it means to grow and thrive, to collaborate and shine in uniqueness.
Nature is complete in itself and teaches us that dark and light can live in accordance with each other, soft moss and hard stone belong together, plants can be healing and poisonous. 
So do we have our beautiful and ugly sides to us and Cacao is THE support to find acceptance and even bliss in this process of awareness, of embracing the diversity of our nature whilst helping us establish a path that suits our individual journey. 
Cacao wants us to discover the magic in our reality with joyful eyes, fully consciously present and rooted in this world, not needing to escape. Cacao reminds us of the value to be born as humans in relationship with plants and creatures of this earth and she wants us to honour this life instead of trying to escape from it like we so often do – either by the misconception of “ascending” out of this reality into “Higher Realms”, distracting us with video games, movies or social media, taking recreational drugs for those huge kicks (and big come downs) or numbing ourselves down to endure life´s challenges. 
Cacao helps us to feel, understand and heal what we are trying to supress in order for us to create a life that WE want to live!
How a Cacao Dieta benefits our life and service to the world:
Daily Intake of ceremonial Cacao with Knowledge, Practices and guidance from an experienced Cacao Facilitator will help you to build an authentic, rich and deep connection with the Cacao Plant & a lived and integrated relationship with her Spirit. 
Embody Cacaos Teachings to change your world – and through your inner growth also that of those around you. Be the change you want to see in the world and have Cacao, myself and a group of devoted Cacao lovers by your side as you walk your way to more bliss, pleasure and satisfaction. BRING ON YOUR MAGIC because it is needed!
I am offering a guided and self-paced Cacao Dieta, called JOINING ROOTS to facilitate your connection with the Cacao Spirit and hold you accountable to integrate and embody her medicine. 

What is a Cacao Dieta?

A plant dieta (Spanish for diet) is an essential initiation process for everyone wanting to work with plant medicine. Cacao is not a psychedelic master plant teacher like ayahuasca or wachuma and therefore there are no strict or traditional requirements for a specific Cacao Dieta – however a Dieta consist of a few basic understandings: 

You commit to ingesting the given plant daily for a period of time from 8 days up to several months (I chose 15 days for this offering as it is suitable for the lives we lead without needing to take breaks or go deep within the jungle to still keep our focus on the endeavour) with a personal intention of CONNECTION TO THE PLANT SPIRIT.

This usually involves a restricted food diet in order to attune your body to the plant in question without other plants interfering too much. These restrictions may vary depending on your diet and can be adjusted to your lifestyle and commitment choices. Most often you will be asked to renounce alcohol, coffee, nicotine, mind altering substances, (processed) sugar, dairy or animal products and even sexual stimulation (with yourself or a partner). These are however guidelines and usually more important when working with a master plant teacher, Cacao as I know her Spirit is way more flexible and only wants you to restrict yourself if it is your intention to practice discipline and devotion. 

A Dieta has a formal opening and closing in the form of ceremonies, in which the Spirit of the Plant is invited and thanked and the Intention is presented – as well as to establish sacred space. This is important to mark this time as a special phase of initiation into the plant mysteries and become aware of everything that is happening during the Dieta. You are asked to commune daily with the Plant Spirit and take note of what is happening in your life beyond the rituals.

Why is the Cacao Dieta called “JOINING ROOTS”?

Well, I believe that it is crucial in our modern world of airplanes and internet and fast intermingling of cultures and quick distribution of information without integration – to return to our own roots, plant them firmly in the ground and from there reach up in integrity with where we are. 

More patience, more embodied living of spiritual values and appropriate use of plants and knowledge, without cultural appropriation but an honouring of all of our ROOTS: This includes the roots of the Cacao Spirit of course, as we intake the plant, we allow this sacred tree to remind of the importance of interdependence as she is grown in multicoloured soil alongside other plant spirits and in symbiosis with creatures and mycelia! (yes I will share more about her biology, history and culture in the beginning of the Cacao Dieta!).

In the Western world we often look outside of our culture to find spirituality and meaning as we often don’t resonate with the christian heritage, however our own roots are so much deeper and still alive in the land and stories we live in. But often they are tainted with pain, suffering or forgotten. This is where the willingness to do inner work comes in, we allow the Cacao Spirit to guide us home into our hearts instead of getting lost in our heads. We hold all we need within ourselves and simply (not always easily) need to be reminded to re-member what we are capable of being. Cacao is the perfect ally to descend and uncover our roots, go deep and embrace shadow aspects and even traumatic experiences to become alive in our essence, our birthright of sovereignty. 

What does the Joining Roots Cacao Dieta consist of?

  • 15 days of intaking Cacao.


  • Daily Cacao invocations spoken by me in the group chat together with transmissions, assignments, rituals, meditations and practices.
  • Plenty of information about the Cacao Plant, its origin, history and usage, spiced with some nutritional and scientific insight.
  • Recipes and different preparation instructions to experiment with throughout the Dieta.
  • Opening INTENTION SETTING Ceremony (Recorded)
  • Closing Ceremony and guided practice
  • AND most importantly: Integration Ideas and Accountability to integrate Cacaos teachings into your day-to-day! You will not keep them caged in your daily rituals but take them out into your world! 

You will need:

  • A 454g block of Keith´s Cacao to enjoy the best, original ceremonial grade Cacao from Guatemala for fifteen 30g portions to IN-joy and play with (you can drink less of course, it is up to you to decide your daily dosages). – or ceremonial grad cacao of your choice, I recommend choosing a brand that is in line with traditional values of indigenous communities from Guatemala or Peru, click here to find out more about cacao and what makes it ceremonial:

Embodiment of Heart Medicine

What are Cacaos Teachings and why should we embody them?

Embodying Cacaos Teachings bring not only more love, joy and magic into your life but also those of others! Cacao is a Connection Facilitator and wants us to share her magic, but to truly have an impact of doing so we need to lead by example and not only talk about her benefits but show the world that we are living them!

I cant wait to see you glow and radiate some of Cacaos teachings! There are so many and I picked the ones that she helps me to embody, you might come across many more!

Nature Connection & intuition – remember who you are 


  • Flow & creativity 
  • Mindfulness/ & Focus/concentration 
  • Endurance & Perseverance 
  • Acceptance & compassion 
  • Joy & bliss (movement, sensuality, dance)
  • LOVE (self love included)
  • Trust & Courage – live and guide from love instead of fear
  • Patience
  • Anxiety relieve
  • Curiosity & playfulness
  • Finding your purpose


£ 155 (no Cacao included) – you can purchase ceremonial Cacao with a discount here:

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