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Personal sovereignty and the call to avalon

FREE Online Study Session, Ritual & Replay

The isle of Avalon (and Glastonbury as a gateway to it), is surrounded by the mists of illusion.

Discernment, a pure heart and courage are required to part the veils and see beyond the fantasy.

We often get called to Avalon through the longing for romance, belonging and spiritual connection.

All of it you can find on your journey.
And every adventure comes with challenges.

Did you know that the women in Arthurian legends originate as goddesses of sovereignty?

And that the initiation into sovereignty starts at the shore to the island of Avalon?

And that the sovereignty goddesses are masters in challenging only the most worthy knights?

You are being called to anchor Avalon and your sovereignty into reality. Not give up reality by chasing a Fata Morgana (pun intended, for my fellow priestesses).

I will go live for a free webinar (& replay) on Friday October 13th about PERSONAL SOVEREIGNTY AND THE CALL TO AVALON at 4pm GMT / 17:00 CET

This is not a priestess training but a deep dive for those already on the path of service, for facilitators and individuals with deep personal devotion or the longing to cultivate a life in radical self honesty and transformation.

Approx. 1.5h and Q&A about THE WORLDS OF AVALON

We gather under the dark moon on Friday, 13th and therefore it is time to get witchy! A fire ritual is included in the call, for us to release what kept holding us back to step boldly into the flame of transformation and (re)claim our rightful responsibility!

Sovereignty means you are holding YOURSELF accountable for your actions and not others while being humble enough to admit your flaws, reaching out for help knowing that you have your own back in times of despair!

Are you able to hold yourself accountable?
Can you hug yourself through lonely nights?
Do you you know how to self-sooth?


Do you know the difference between your own capability to hold yourself and pushing others away?
Are you able to experience intimacy and be vulnerable in front of others?

There is a fine line between sovereignty and avoidant independence!



AVALON • The Eternal Isle of the Heart

Embark on a special inner and outer journey with Laura. Online and In person.

Maybe you have traveled to Avalon yourself, in a dream, during a shamanic trance or immersed in books and films about this mystical island of healing and transformation, this otherworld of magical women, this place that touches our hearts deeply and the love of the goddess resurrected. Or you might have never heard about this sacred isle but have a sense of knowing, goosebumps or curiosity when you see the words or are drawn to explore a spiritual tradition from the western shores instead of reaching far out towards the East or other continents. Either way, you are welcome!

Based in Glastonbury, England, I no longer only read about King Arthur and the Priestesses of Avalon, I also journey through the Mists of Avalon physically, emotionally and mentally. And I want to take you with me, because when our hearts are open and receptive we can dive into this magical realm from anywhere, which can give us a sense of arrival, acceptance and (often unexpected) passions, inspiration and desires awaken and dreams will be fullfilled.

What is at the Heart of Avalon? And what connects Avalon with our Heart and that of the Earth?Avalon is calling forth many into devotion in various ways and from various worlds:

History, Literature, Mythology, Spirituality… And as a Priestess of Avalon my passion is to illuminate pathways into her worlds, so that you, too will find your individual quest and embark on it with courage, inspiration and love.

Learn the Faery Accord, its meaning and ways to restore it, alongside the Grail Mysteries and how they are relevant today. Discover who King Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot truly were and which stories they have to tell us today.

Be guided by Morgan Le Fey across the waters to the Healing Island of Avalon and witness her shapeshift from Queen, Priestess and Sorceress to awaken these archetypes within you.

This is a one year guided and immersive training, a practical course of ceremony, ritual and study. With in an intimate group of devoted humans (all genders welcome), we gather for every seasonal festival online and meet IN PERSON for a retreat on the magical lands of Glastonbury in summer 2024.