Set within the hills of Snowdon this magical and mythopoetic journey will take you through the landscape of your being. Starting at the temple of your heart we will travers the pathway of your own becoming. Clearing a little bracken here and there.
What is it that you wish to step into?
What qualities and attributes do you want to claim and embody? 

Through ceremony, ritual, shamanic practices and plant medicine you are invited to rework the storyline of your own creation. Reweaving the strands of your tapestry, to create the most exquisite and a magical narrative that you can wear with grace and walk with beauty. 

Guiding you on your empowerment journey will be Priestess Laura Durban, Shaman Anita Brulee, Master Herbalist Marcos Patchett and Alchemist Freya Broad

Working with these very powerful modalities: Dragon as your mythic totem animal. Cacao as potentiator and heart opening embodiment medicine. Herb plant medicine and lore, plant spirit communication, the spirit of the land, genius loci, Celtic myth and legend, full nature immersion, wheel of the year: Mabon.

>> Wales, Cae Mabon, September 17th-22nd 2024 <<

 Welcome magical being, get ready to bring your fullest expression to be seen with other eyes and enlivened in the land of welsh god/desses, nature spirits, wizards and – of course – dragons! Feel free to send any questions to Laura
Tickets to the epic dragon retreat in stunning nature for the life leaders – yes that includes YOU! All gender welcome, we gather to reclaim our sovereign dragon selves! 
Discounted price WINGED SERPENT: GBP 1450 (until August 1st Lughnasadh)

Full Price DRAGON RIDER: GBP 1780 (if you have more to give)
There will be plenty of spare time for integrating the in-depth workings through walks, rest, play and conversations with participants as well as team leaders. We are in a truly magical place which in itself is activating and heart opening. There also will be herbal teas, tinctures and other plant allies present and available for your to introduce a new plant practice or commune with your chosen nature spirits, find your tree ally or animal companion. We will be holding workshops and ceremonies within the Round House and talks, walks and other activities outside as weather permits. Please bring suitable clothing, plenty of layers and waterproof shoes and jacket as we won’t be held back by a little bit of rain 🙂

The retreat is fully catered for by a 5 star celebrity chef who focuses on regional and seasonal cuisine. 

We ask you to bring any additional snacks and favourite foods for yourself and to share. Alcohol is allowed on site however we are working with many plant spirits and won’t indulge in mind altering substances. Enjoyment through moderation and intentional usage is key, especially as we engage in trance work. If you want to bring alcohol please consider it to be mead, red wine or really good whiskey, something you enjoy the taste of and is not meant to make you tipsy nor drunk.